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This sessions looks practically at how you can employ web 2.0 technologies into your school curriculum. Web 2.0 is commonly associated with web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design, and collaboration on the World Wide Web. It is especially the movement away from static webpages to dynamic and shareable content and social networking. For these reasons Web 2.0 is a perfect medium to encourage a different dimension of learning within schools. With the introduction of VLE's (Virtual Learning Environments) in most schools Web 2.0 offers a practical way of embedding ICT firmly into the curriculum.

The session will look into the impact Web 2.0 can have in school but also give practical examples from a range of school departments as to how it can be employed to improve learning within your school.



Integrating new technologies into your curriculum...

Information Literacy for an information hungry generation ...

This session will look at the importance of Information Literacy within schools. Creating information literate students is vital in meeting a number of key national agendas. PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills) aim at creating students who are indepedent enquirers. Information Literacy is vital in achieving this as it teaches students not just the how to search for information but how to disseminate, learn and use the information they have discovered. Information Literacy is about gaining an underastanding of literacy and this session will help you to plan a whole school appriach to employing Information Literacy within your school.

New to Management Training...

This course offers vital training to those members of staff new to management through either pastoral or academic promotions. Management in schools is often viewed as an addition to extra responsibilities. Whether this be a head of department promotion or any job that requires you to manage others and more importantly yourself to a higher standard. This course offers the chance to become a successful manager of others and of your own time. Split into two sections we will look at managing yourself and managing others. The course aims to provide staff with the skills to make them both effective and successful in managing themselves and others.

Creative Classroom ...

This session looks at how you can be more creative in the classroom and with your planning. In changing the way you think about your planning and your lessons you can engage students more through your teaching. By employing a small amount of creative techniques you can transform your teaching.

Being creative is something everyone can do, it is just a matter of looking at things from a different angle, trying something new and not being afraid of making mistakes.

This session will also look at how Web 2.0 and new technologies can help you to create new and exciting learning opporutnities for your students.

Creating a whole school literacy focus - NEW INSET

In this Inset we will look at how you can develop a whole school literacy focus across the school. With Ofsted's new focus on literacy in both secondary and primary schools there is more need than ever to be evaluating and looking towards creating a fully formed literacy policy that promotes literacy across the curriculum. This Inset will rpovide practical examples of how this can be done and how to get the whole school viewing literacy as important. You will also receive advice on how to write a literacy policy as well as many other ideas.

Literacy and the library in the new Ofsted framework - NEW INSET

In the new Ofsted framework literacy plays a vital role in Ofsted's focus. This provides the library the ideal opportunity to be able to show the value that it plays in the impacting on both the achievement and attainment of students in the school. The framework provides school libraries with the opportunities to show how they play a pivotal in role in the literacy of the school and this Inset hopes to help school libraries show this to their senior leadership teams.

Mapping and tracking students - NEW INSET

This Inset looks at how the library is able to track and map the students in the school to show the impact that the work they do has on the students achievement and attainment. With schools using data to gain a better understanding of how they can better work with students and get the best results from the students a school library needs to also focus on the data that it can acquire. This data can prove the impact of a library and can have positive effects when shown to senior leadership teams. This inset will provide you the opportunities and the know how on how to use this date to the best of your libraries ability.

Reading intervention and the library - NEW INSET

The library is a place where a large amount of intervention happens but historically this intervention just happens as a matter of course. This Inset will look at creating a intervention strategy for students in the school that utilises the strengths of your school library but also centralises it to make it as successful as possible. The Inset will also look at the use of new technologies and how using iPads, Kindles and Nintendo DS' can have a positive effect on lower ability readers.

Creating a reading and literacy rich community - NEW INSET

In creating a whole community of readers who all value and see reading and literacy as important the impact this has on reading in the school can be dramatic. By working with parents and the community as a whole to promote good literacy and reading skills you can harness this impact. This Inset will look at creating a community approach will benefit reading and literacy within the school.

Developing a library at the heart of the school - NEW INSET


Writing your Library Growth Plan and Library Policy - NEW INSET


Librarians as teachers - NEW INSET

Librarians as curriculum leaders - NEW INSET

Embedding information literacy in all lessons - NEW INSET