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Services for Primary Schools

Primary Schools can take the offer an advisory development session where a number of key areas will be assessed. This will include resources, staffing and policy. The aim of the advisory session is to look at where the library and literacy are at now and where they could be in 3 years time.

You will receive a verbal and written report on development suggestions to move your library forward and how you can place it firmly at the heart of learning and your school.

Advisory Development

The Library in primary schools can be run by a number of different people. Very rarely is there a qualified librarian in place so it is important to seek advice on how you can utilise your library to its fullest extend. The library should be at the heart of the school where pupils learn how to access and find information and importantly how to read for pleasure. I offer a range of services from adivsory development to work with resources, staff and the pupils themselves.

Pre/Post Ofsted

In either preparation for or development after an Ofsted visit it is important to factor in how the library links to literacy and learning within your school. This session will look either key areas identified in your last Ofsted or current Ofsted report and how the library can positively improve these areas.  


A school library is only as good as the resources it holds and understanding where improvements can be made in your stock is vitally important. There are a number of areas we can look at to improve your stock and therefore the effectiveness of your library. This includes identifying any gaps in your provision, making sure all stock is correctly classified, editing inappropriate stock and working on the effective layout and design of your library.

Book talks and Information Skills

Encouraging reading for pleasure is one the biggest roles of a school library. I offer book talks to all years and read from a number of exciting new books as well as older favourites. The sessions are always highly engaging and audience participation is always encouraged.

Information Skills looks at engaging pupils with the school library and teaching them vital skills in accessing and using information.