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Services for Secondary School

In most secondary schools a dedicated librarian is in post. They may be chartered or not but whatever their experience level a critical friend can play a valuable part in the evaluation and development of the library. A critical friend can also play a vital role in the professional development of a school librarian as well as providing an opportunity to discuss key improvements to the library, its resources and its role in school.

This critical friend role can also be invaluable in the circumstances where a librarian is not in place in the school. It is of course important for a school to have a library at the heart of its learning and a critical friend can give a school without a librarian the expertees required


Critical Friend

As a critical friend you can tailor this session to your requirements. Areas which can be looked at include:


              Policy - looking at creating or improving a policy that details the libraries 'aims' and 'ethos'


              Development Plan - Working alongside the schools development plan to create a detailed

                                                   and practical working document


              Budget - identifying a budget plan that will tailor in factors from your development plan that          

                                are practical


              Layout - creating a positive learning environment that is both conducive to reading for  

                                pleasure a place to learn


              Information Literacy - create a whole school policy that is practical within your own

                                                           environment and looks at creating an embedded delivery of

                                                           information retrieval and usage


              Pre/Post Ofsted - in looking at development due to an Ofsted visit or prior to an expected  



              Visual Literacy - Using picture books as vehicle for reading, communicating and

                                                understanding through pictures rather than just words


Each of these areas can be delivered to best suit your school and provide you with the best service. Please contact to discuss and tailor what is best for you and your school.